Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween Fever

I hate to admit to all those hardcore Halloween followers, that previously, the 31st October has slightly been ‘just another day’ in the calendar for me. Which is ridiculous and entirely out of character, as anyone that knows me well would say I am more than partial to a bit of fancy dress! Decorating the house and filling it with all sorts of crafty creations is my idea of bliss..... So what better way to embrace the Halloween celebrations by having a party in true Martha Stewart style! (Also giving me the perfect excuse to do all the above without my husband thinking I’ve gone nuts!!)

Themes, makeup, costumes, decorations, food & cocktails….where to start?

So here are a handful of genius ideas that have given me full on Halloween fever! Perhaps I can convert you too!?

Chic pumpkin creations

Pumpkins and furniture combo

Pretty toile and patchwork covered pumpkins
Humming bird bakery

Happy Halloween! Love Millie xxx