Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Meet Daisy from behind Tobias shirts....

How did Tobias come about… when did you launch and get the idea from:
When I was living in Bombay, I was drawn to all the amazing colours and prints of India and I had an idea that I wanted to combine that passion with an effort to help India’s under-privileged children, as I was also working as a volunteer teacher at a local school. The idea of the shirts came about when I started sewing fabric off-cuts onto my boyfriend’s cuffs to make them look more interesting and it just went from there. I am so happy that a few years on the brand still epitomises the reason that it started. Now that I am living in London again each time I go back to visit Mumbai I can see how donations from the shirts really are making a difference.

Share the day and life of Tobias with us...what time do you normally wake up? 
My day usually starts around 6.45am.

Where do you go to work, where is Tobias based?
I am lucky enough to have an office at home so my commute is pretty easy! I always start work with a coffee and reading an email from Akanksha (the charity Tobias supports) giving me an update on how term is going and how everyone is getting on at school. 

Who do you most speak to during the day? 
Toby (my husband) he is my go to on any decision making and has a strong involvement in the shirt, and not to mention the namesake.

When do you have downtime and how do you relax at the end of the day? 
I usually go and visit my mum and sister at home for a cup of tea or I have a yoga lesson with Zoe Warren, an old friend and brilliant instructor, at her studio.

What fun future plans have Tobias got up their sleeves!? 
So many different ideas I am trying not to do them all at once.  I’ve got really beautiful new prints coming as well as some great new shirt designs, which should be out early next year.

How often are you doing new designs? 
I am always thinking about it – picking up different prints and patterns from anything and everything I see. Travelling has been a big influence on the designs, also inspiration from friends - I love hearing their likes and dislikes. I find since boys have less choice of what to wear, they tend to have more of an opinion.

Who would your ideal customer/ celebrity to be seen in Tobias? 
Someone who likes a tailored look without being too serious. I don’t know which celebrity that would be – ideally Johnny Depp!

Where can we see the collection? 

Lots of love
Daisy xx

Daisy’s top 3 things in life are:

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