Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Travel + shopping = Travelshopa

Questions for Travelshopa:

For those who haven’t come across Travelshopa yet… please give a little summery of what you’re all about and what gave you the inspiration to set it up.

Travelshopa started out as a blog in November 2012, and in July 2013 we will be revealing the first online community of more than 150 exclusive local shops, local brands in Singapore. 

Travelshopa was born out of frustration. I could not seem to easily find quality information about local designers and retailers when I travelled. There are lots of city guides, accommodation and restaurant recommendation sites, but nothing on shopping, and certainly nothing focused purely on local shopping. So I created a blog that helps shoppers to discover great local shops, local brands.

What makes a positive constructive day in the life of Travelshopa?

Discovering a great local shop or brand in Singapore and beyond, or finding out about newsworthy collections/stock/events for local shops and brands. If it’s local shopping related we want to know about it.

Best ever fashion purchase and why?

It’s hard to choose the best fashion purchase. There have been quite a few in my time! I do recall the first time I came to Singapore and purchased 14 pairs of shoes, and I recently came back from the US with 10, so I must have a thing for serial shoes shopping adventures.

Tell us your best beauty secret.

It’s called living the dream… Meditate, drink water, eat raw food, sleep 8 hours a night and repeat. Something I struggle to achieve on a regular basis.

Clothing wise, what could you not live without?

As a mum stylish shorts and comfortable flats. For work, statement trousers.

How do you reward yourself at the end of a busy day?
Yoga or new age books. I have just started reading The Magic.

What is your Favourite (fashion) Online Shop?
Oh that’s not fair... I can no longer have “favourites” or “bests”... To be honest I am not much of an online shopper for fashion. Books are a different story.

What’s your Guilty pleasure?
Um… shopping on the job!

Shoes or Bags?
Is that a trick question? I am a one-bag-woman and a shoe lover.

How would you characterise your own fashion style? 
Classic, with some edge. I play it fairly safely most of the time.

Do you shop on the high street, if so where? 
Ahhh! Is that another trick question? No, not anymore... I am enjoying replacing my much-loved designer handbags, shoes and sunglasses with local designer pieces as they provide me with individuality.

Tell us your top boutique/shop (fashion) secret you have discovered here in Singapore and why you love it. 
There are too many to list. However, there is a shop in Mandarin Gallery called ‘Nancy’. I think most people would walk straight past it. I bought a military inspired cheongsum shirt from there and I think it gets more compliments than most things I own. All my other favourites are listed on Travelshopa ;)

Who do you think dresses well in the public eye?
I am into following bloggers as I think their wardrobes are more accessible and realistic. I think Wendy Nguyen oozes style and sophistication. As for celebrities, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and Kourtney Kardashian get it right most of the time, and I find they aren’t head-to-toe in designer labels all the time.

What would your ideal Saturday consist of? 
Sleep in, family brunch, afternoon nap and swim with my daughter, then friends over for a dinner party.

What exciting updates and news does the Travelshopa team have in store this year?
I first came up with the concept of a local shopping “guide” over 2 years ago so it’s very exciting to see that Travelshopa will start to take its true form this July. A lot comes with moving from a blog to an online community, and also expanding into new destinations, so you will have to follow us closely to see what we have in store for all the shopping enthusiasts out there.

And finally what's the best bit of advice you’ve been given? 
It was not direct advice but I think Christopher Robin was on the money… You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.


Lots of Love
Renée, Travelshopa xx
 Renée’s top things:
Toes between the sand, a smile and memories



Thursday, 20 June 2013


So our love of Ikat continues.

It’s been around for a while, or actually centuries to be fair but we are loving spotting it everywhere from furniture, fabrics, painted ceramics and hopefully the latest collection from Ribbon and Roses sits happily amongst it all… especially if your wallet doesn’t stretch to this beaut Gucci number!!

Maybe I can persuade the husband with this fabric I found on Ebay

But for now here are our shorts which are cotton, perfect teamed with a simple white T… or the navy pair can be smartened up with silk blouse and wedges for the evening.


Also available is our pretty cotton tea dress, just now need the Sun Shine!

And just because…..!

Lots of love, have a good rest of the week

Ribbon and Roses xx


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Happy Helpers!

So our little 4 legged friend has settled in brilliantly…. She is a little manic, as all puppies are and thinks a great game is leaping from box to box in my office and sliding on the marble tiles in between. Maybe it’s time I took the plunge to buy a new rug and try and promote some calm around here!!

Mind you, after an event a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t find lots of our stone bracelets… to only find the culprit trying them on under the table.

Must get some serenity, peace and calm around here to do some proper work!!
Lots of love
Ribbon and Roses Xx