Monday, 1 December 2014

Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas!

Are you ready for Christmas?!  I can’t believe it’s December, where has this year gone….Ribbon and Roses is really excited to be involved in the following Christmas fairs this week here in Singapore, so please do pop in and see us!

We will be bringing a selection of our beautiful new clothing range, jewellery and candles from our latest collection - perfect for presents, or a new outfit for the Christmas parties! 

As you know, we work in small quantities to keep everything unique and up to date, so catch us early to avoid disappointment!

We have also delivered a big selection of jewellery to Chillax Market at Turf City. It’s a great shopping spot, lots of vendors and open 7 days a week.

Visit us at and you can find more photos of our events and collections on Instagram and facebook

lots of love
Ribbon and Roses xx 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Meet Daisy from behind Tobias shirts....

How did Tobias come about… when did you launch and get the idea from:
When I was living in Bombay, I was drawn to all the amazing colours and prints of India and I had an idea that I wanted to combine that passion with an effort to help India’s under-privileged children, as I was also working as a volunteer teacher at a local school. The idea of the shirts came about when I started sewing fabric off-cuts onto my boyfriend’s cuffs to make them look more interesting and it just went from there. I am so happy that a few years on the brand still epitomises the reason that it started. Now that I am living in London again each time I go back to visit Mumbai I can see how donations from the shirts really are making a difference.

Share the day and life of Tobias with us...what time do you normally wake up? 
My day usually starts around 6.45am.

Where do you go to work, where is Tobias based?
I am lucky enough to have an office at home so my commute is pretty easy! I always start work with a coffee and reading an email from Akanksha (the charity Tobias supports) giving me an update on how term is going and how everyone is getting on at school. 

Who do you most speak to during the day? 
Toby (my husband) he is my go to on any decision making and has a strong involvement in the shirt, and not to mention the namesake.

When do you have downtime and how do you relax at the end of the day? 
I usually go and visit my mum and sister at home for a cup of tea or I have a yoga lesson with Zoe Warren, an old friend and brilliant instructor, at her studio.

What fun future plans have Tobias got up their sleeves!? 
So many different ideas I am trying not to do them all at once.  I’ve got really beautiful new prints coming as well as some great new shirt designs, which should be out early next year.

How often are you doing new designs? 
I am always thinking about it – picking up different prints and patterns from anything and everything I see. Travelling has been a big influence on the designs, also inspiration from friends - I love hearing their likes and dislikes. I find since boys have less choice of what to wear, they tend to have more of an opinion.

Who would your ideal customer/ celebrity to be seen in Tobias? 
Someone who likes a tailored look without being too serious. I don’t know which celebrity that would be – ideally Johnny Depp!

Where can we see the collection? 

Lots of love
Daisy xx

Daisy’s top 3 things in life are:

For more information on Tobias, please visit:

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Catch up with Natasha from beautiful Beulah

We are loving the latest collection from Beulah, can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind it?
The theme of the collection is “enlightenment”, the concept is coming out of place of darkness into freedom and light. The dove prints are symbolic of this concept. Our brand is founded on a vision to empower women through the clothes they wear – we have written words in the prints such as “love” and “hope” to inspire women as they wear their garment. We also looked at the Parisian style of the late 50s, referencing designers such as Christian Dior who we admire. There are lots of bows, fiery reds and romantic wear. The colour palette is monochrome with opulent plum and evergreen. We’re really excited to start selling in September!

How did you both met and start up the company?
We actually met at church during one of the summer weeks away. Our mums are great friends, and we ended up going on holiday and subsequently booked a trip to India to work with a project that supports trafficked girls. It was whilst we were in Delhi that we had the idea to set up a fashion label which could in some way provide employment and an alternative livelihood the victims.

You guys look so busy always with events and projects, what future plans and exciting things do Beulah have coming up for the rest of the year?
We are moving stores in the next month (to where I don’t yet know…..!) which is exciting as we’re growing very quickly and needing more space. Our AW has just launched this September with some new beautiful designs. Fingers crossed we’re doing a second collaboration with French Sole and producing a new design with them. At some point at the end of the year we’re also launching our bridal collection.
AW 2014

Who is the Beulah customer?
She’s a glamorous woman with a conscience. She’s easy going, fun loving with a sense of humour. She appreciates luxury, and has a desire to buy a beautiful piece but also give back to those in need.
Who would your ideal client/ celebrity to be seen in Beulah or have you achieved this goal already?
We would love to dress Cate Blanchett – she’s effortlessly feminine and always looks so chic.

AW 2014

AW 2014
In 5 bullet points, what’s your typical day in the life of B like? (if you can!)
Hectic, mad, hilarious, and never dull!

Which fashion designers do you admire and why?
Valentino – the dresses exude femininity and never go out of fashion.

What do you normally wear on a daily basis in the shop/ office?
Jeans, a silk Beulah blouse and pumps.

Where do you like to shop for clothes when you're not in your own designs, any fashion website/ boutique secrets you can tell us about?
I love Cos – their jersey day wear is so simple and easy to wear. Zara always has great fashion staples, and I’ve fallen in love with the new Aspinals bags…..

How do you get "downtime" what do you like doing to relax at the end of day and weekends?
I’ll often go home to my parents or my husbands’ parents home – we love getting out of London getting some fresh air, otherwise we end up feeling claustraphobic!

Any fun summer holiday plans lined up?
Cornwall with my family– it’s the best holiday when the sun shines. Although I checked the weather forecast and it’s looks like it’s going to rain every day next week! My family have taken a house each year since I was a baby, it’s my favourite place.

 Do you read other fashion blogs… social media you follow?
I love reading Net A Porter ‘the edit’ and Sheerluxe hot products. I follow the Kardashians (my secret obsession as my husband tells me off for watching the programme) and I love Martha Wards style blog & instagram – she always looks so chic and her style is so feminine.

Lots of love
Natasha xx

Natasha's top 3 things in life:
My husband (cheesy)
My faith (essential)
My family (who I adore)

For more information on Beulah London:

Shop 57 Elizabeth Street, SW1W9PP
Telephone: +44(0)207 730 0978

Credit: Photographs by Katrina Lawson Johnston

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Pose Millinery

With the end of August been and gone... just, it’s a wonder where 2014 has gone, have we seen the last of the British sunshine now too or not, let’s hope it’s very much not!  What a summer it’s been with Ascot, Henley, Goodwood and Wildnerness, not to mention a wedding or two, we’ve seen some fabulous outfits from them all.  It’s been an especially busy year for Pose Millinery as we’ve moved our HQ back home to London from Hong Kong.  Still plenty to look forward to though before we toast another year, meaning excellent excuses to don a fabulous Ribbon and Roses outfit topped off with a hat or fascinator.   It’s fabulous to be back where it all started, back in 2010, and have all the fabulous felts and sinamays on our doorstep once more, which we hope to combine with some stunning accessories from Hong Kong to add a unique Asian twist to make one stand out from the crowd. 

Hopefully the below might help if you’re feeling uninspired on the wardrobe front.  All the hats are currently made to order so can be designed to match any outfit (or a Ribbon& Roses dress as per the below!) and we always love hearing design ideas however whacky!

An elegant Ribbon & Roses green silk dress with a bold fuschia headpiece

Green summer Ribbon & Roses maxi dress with a simple and sleek speckled feather hat

Ribbon and Roses blue maxi with fuschia double cap sleeve paired with a bold floral finish

Elegant blue silk Ribbon &Roses maxi dress with a delicate butterfly headpiece

For more information on Pose Millinery, visit Alternatively, call 07887 852 764 or email to discuss any whacky hat creations.

Lots of Love
Rosie xxx

Rosie’s 3 favourite things in life:
1. Fancy dress parties
2. Long country walk with friends followed by a pub lunch, log fire and the Sunday papers (ok so we might have 3 in one here, shhhh)
3. Taramsalata

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Recipe from foodie Elspeth Meston: Mackerel, fennel, broad bean and chicory salad

With the weather hotting up here in England the legs are out as well as all the fabulous produce that is now hitting the shelves and markets. Asparagus, broad beans, peas, tomatoes, chicory, crab, strawberries, raspberries, radishes, jersey royal potatoes, gooseberries, mackerel…the list goes on.

This salad is early summer in my eyes and perfect eaten out in your garden or balcony with a glass of crisp white wine and your friends around you.

Mackerel, fennel, broad bean and chicory salad
Serves 4
1 fennel bulb
a generous handful of broad beans
olive oil
4 mackerel fillets, skin on
4 heads of chicory, red or yellow
a small handful of chives
1 lemon
1 tbsp fat free natural yogurt
1 tsp wholegrain mustard
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Start by prepping your salad, using a mandolin or sharp knife thinly slice your fennel and then put in a bowl of iced water and a good squeeze of lemon juice (the lemon will stop the fennel from oxidising and discolouring plus the iced water will make it lovely and crunchy).
Blanch and refresh the broad beans into cold water and then pod any of the bigger beans and put to one side.
Season your mackerel and rub with a little olive oil. Put a large frying pan on a high/medium heat and when hot add your mackerel fillets skin side down. Hold them down for a minute to prevent them curling up so the skin goes crispy. Turn over and cook for another minute until the fish is cooked through and flaking away. Leave on a board to cool down slightly while you finish the salad.
Discard the outer leaves of the chicory and then peel back the big leaves and cut the hearts into quarters. Arrange on four plates along with the crisp fennel slices, broad beans and a few sprigs of chives. Finely slice the remaining chives and add to jar along with rest of the dressing ingredients and give it a good shake so that it combines.
Flake the mackerel over the salad and finish with a drizzle of dressing and extra virgin olive oil and a wedge of lemon. Add a few slices of grilled ciabatta if you fancy.
Lots of love
Elspeth xx
Elspeth top 3 things in life:
  - Lazy sunday mornings spent drinking good coffee, walking by the river and eating  croissants
 - Homemade fresh pasta on a summers evening
 - Making holiday memories with loved ones and travelling to unknown places


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Meet the latest additions to our team

The Ribbon and Roses team has been growing over the last few months both here in Singapore and the UK, which we are thrilled about so here’s a little intro to everyone:

Marina - Owner

With a week to go before baby no 2 arrives I seem to be making the most of eating…. At any opportunity!! I’m absolutely loving NigellaLawsons Marmite pasta… totally understand, you either will Love or Hate it but certainly not the latter for me. Best Sunday supper ever so well worth trying.

I’m currently designing the latest Ribbon and Roses collection, in time for Christmas sales….  Madness having to think so far ahead, especially when I’m  going to be under a pile of new born nappies and being a ”newbie” to instragram its becoming a fast addiction for inspiration. Here are a few people I’ve been loving following:

As I seem to be expanding, my real indulgence or wish list has been also growing for bags as they are a guarantee fit! Currently I love using my blue Goyard but my real desire and first love is still Liberty London and their Tote bags.

 Blue Goyard Tote Bag

Lots of love

Marina xx

Marina’s top 3 things in life:
. Archie and Kanga (the 4 legged sausage) playing together
. Ameretto
. Dolly Parton   

Katie – Singapore events and sales

Introducing Katie who is helping Ribbon and Roses with their events and sales in Singapore.

I moved to Singapore from Hong Kong, just over 9 months ago and wow time has flown. Singapore has been a relaxing change to the hectic streets of Hong Kong. We are loving it here so far!

Since we moved here in late October last year, my husband and I are now expecting a wee one, come mid September.  So exciting, but at the same time hugely petrifying, knowing that the foreseeable future involves long term sleep deprivation, permanent IKEA bags under the eyes and not being able to hold a conversation for more than 12 seconds. Similar to a permanent hangover, really.

That said, I couldn’t be more excited about this life-changing step. As you can imagine, I’ve got slightly caught up in the excitement of sorting out the nursery and thinking about baby clothes. Still no idea on whether it’s a girl or a boy, but I’ve been eyeing up some beautiful things by Em & Lu. I’ve given little sleep dresses with safari animals on to friends in the past, who say that it makes nappy changing super easy! I would love one of these, the big question is…blue or pink!

Another great find I have discovered, since being in the ‘nesting zone’ is Samantha Robinson, who I stumbled across on a recent trip to Bali. Samantha has beautiful collection of mugs, dishes and vases. Although the artist is based in Australia, they ship worldwide. Samantha has stunning little pieces, which make lovely wedding presents or gifts. I have a few weddings on the horizon, so I know where I’ll be heading…

This next place, is my little sanctuary to escape to for some serious indulging- Cowshed. I don’t go there very often but usually end up taking myself off there for a reward of some sort, like after a big deadline is due or if I’ve being working like a dog. Pottering down to the Cowshed is the perfect start to a Saturday morning for some R&R. I can’t imagine I’m going to get the chance t go there any time soon! Sigh…perhaps a Christmas present to myself when I’m back in December.

Stay tuned with Ribbon and Roses for up and coming events and sales here in Singapore.

Lots of love


The three top things in life.
A large square of dairy milk (if not the whole bar!)
. Being pampered
. A movie night in at home

Laura – UK wholesale and events
Introducing Laura who is helping Ribbon and Roses with their wholesale and events in the UK.

Having known Marina for over 16 years when she asked if I could help out with Ribbon and Roses in London I jumped at the chance! 

I am Mummy to two little monkeys, Poppy, 3 and Bea 18 months, life is full on but there is still time to find a few luxuries in life.  Here are a few things I love.

One thing I could not do without is Headmasters....having a trip to the hairdressers makes one feel instantly better about oneself even if you are covered in yoghurt from another messy meal time...why can't my children find their mouths!

Having just moved house I am constantly looking for new ideas. We have taken on quite a project and the end result is still in the distant future but browsing websites for inspiration is a little light relief in between trying to find a builder! I have come across Duck Egg, a fantastic company that offers a whole range of things for the home, unique fabrics, household bits, one off pieces of furniture and super cute personalized toy boxes, definitely something I want for the girls bedrooms.

Duck egg

Moving house is stressful but discovering new and exciting things to do is great fun. We have recently discovered Alice Holt. It's is a wonderful forest with loads of paths and an amazing playground and a Go Ape. But the best thing there at the moment is the Gruffalo trail.  A lot of you will think what on earth is a Gruffalo trail but if you are fond of Julia Donaldson then you will know love it! 
Enjoy and watch this space for Events in UK for Ribbon and Roses.

Laura xx

Three favourite things in Life:
. When my girls play nicely together.
. Cashmere bed socks
. Coffee/Chocolate brownies/Wine! 

Please contact Laura with regards to wholesale on: or 07879424232.

Mimi – Social media

As a country girl dumped in the city for work, my ideal Saturday consists of waking up in my flat (usually feeling a little sorry for myself) and walking up Parsons Green to my new little hangout... Hally's - my perfect vers de gris paradise! Not only are all the waiters far too good looking but, the people consist of yummy mummy's and their angelic shop bought looking children, usually a group of three eighteen year olds wearing the make up and gossiping from the night before (feeling probably a lot worse than me) and the occasional old couple - who look as though they've been together forever yet still on their honeymoon! It is a bustling place of love and laughter, and a great place for me to go on my own. After ordering my avocado, rocket and chilli on sourdough bread I get to work on Ribbon and Roses, another new found passion of mine! 

As Whole Foods has recently opened in Fulham Broadway, I often after Hally's walk along the parks and grab together some lunch, a new fave recipe I put together is a pea and mint purée, with avo, rocket, watercress, soya beans and asparagus topped with chilli and olive oil dressed crayfish tails and fresh squid - super healthy, easy and ideal for making both for one or for a group of people as a starter! 

The person I most enjoy following on Instagram at the moment is probably my sister who lives in Singapore with my 7 month nephew Orlando. @millsheath set up Vaughan lighting in Singapore and has just put together a new amazing looking show room. Not to mention has at the same time just moved house and has made it completely her own with mix and match fabrics with Ikat in mind, both of ours absolute fave! 

My quote in life "Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future...instead concentrate the mind on the present moment" - Buddha

Mimi McMullen xxx
Three things I can't live without:
. My 8 Heathfield Girls
. My puppy Islay
. Rowntrees fruit pastilles 


To get in touch with any of the Ribbon and Roses Team, contact

Follow us on Instragram, Facebook and twitter.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sharky & George Summer Holiday Ideas

Hooray! It’s the summer holidays with long balmy days of sunshine, and endless days to fill with pure fun and games for the entire family.   We organize 1000s of really active and exciting parties for all ages, inside and outside, so have put together a few fun ideas of stuff to get up to during the summer holidays.  If you need any more inspiration, our book Don’t You Dare is stuffed with beach games, woodland games, stuff to do at home with a couple of mates and lots of pranks and stickers!

Hippo Hot Potato
A bit like piggy in the middle and hot potato, but with more chance of getting splashed!
Fill some water balloons with water.
Make a circle and choose one person to be ‘hippo’ for the 1st round.
Hippo stands in the middle of the circle.
A person in the circle takes a water balloon and throws it to someone else in the circle.
You’re not allowed to hold the water balloon for more than 1 second.
Hippo tries to smash the balloon whilst it’s in the air.
If Hippo succeeds then the thrower of the balloon becomes Hippo, also if someone drops the balloon, then they become Hippo. 

Blackcurrant  Hand Lollies
You will need:
-A few plastic disposable gloves, which you can get from the dispensers at a petrol station, just near the pumps
-Large lollipop sticks, or small wooden spoons
-Ribena, squash or fruit juice
-Strong elastic bands

Half fill the glove with your chosen juice, then put the stick or wooden spoon into the glove all the way to the end of one of the fingers.
Close up the wrist of the glove round the stick with an elastic band really tightly.  Then carefully put the glove into your freezer.  After about 4 hours it’ll be ready to eat….yum yum!

Make a Treasure Map
You will need:
-A can of coke
-A deep baking tray
-A piece of paper
-A black pen
-Some treasure (pack of sweets, chocolate money or if possible a huge pirate chest full of gold?!)

Pour the coke into the baking tray and put the paper into it.  Leave it to soak for about 5 minutes. 
Take the coke soaked paper out and lay it on a draining board to dry over night.
While the map paper is drying find somewhere in your house or even better your garden to hide the treasure (ideally bury it).
The next day, do your best to draw a treasure map on the stained piece of paper of your house or garden, and mark with an ‘x’ where you hid the treasure.

Then scroll up the map and give it to a member of your family and challenge them to try to find the treasure.  Whatever you do, don’t give them any help!  If they don’t find it, the treasure is all yours, if they do, then you can share it with them and ask them to do the same for you.

Towel race
This is a great game to play on a hot day on the beach.
You will need 4 towels.

First you should split your family into two teams and mark out a course i.e. starting at your mums purse and ending at an ice cream van. Both of the teams need to start on one towel behind the start line with another towel in front of them. Once they hear the word ‘GO’ they all have to jump on to the towel in front of them without touching the sand. Then they need to pass the first towel forwards and put it down in front of them. And so on till they reach the ice creams! 

Mystery Mouldy Modeling
You will need:
-Modeling clay or playdough
-A timer or stopwatch
-Paper and a pen
-A pot or a hat

First you should get an adult to write down lots of objects on bits of paper, crumple them up and put them in a hat or pot. The first person takes a random piece of paper from the hat. They can’t show anyone else what is written on it. That person is then given 60 seconds to build it as well as they can from clay. Everyone else has to try and guess what the object is. If someone succeeds in guessing what the object is they become the sculptor, if no one can guess, then the same person has to take another piece of paper and try again.

Fruity pants
You will need:
-About 20 pieces of fruit or veg
-2 blindfolds

You will need to give 2 people the role of being hunters and blindfold them. After this you should cover the floor with fruit and veg. Next you, you give them sixty seconds to crawl around on the floor and find as much fruit as possible. When they find it they can try to carry it but will find they’ll hold onto more if they stash it in their trousers! Once the time is up the fruit is counted and the person with the most fruit wins.


If you bored of taking endless photos of your family and buildings you should try this out. Use perspective to take trick photos, start by putting something small like a can of coke on a table.  Then take a photo with someone standing close to the camera ‘holding’ the can.  Basically their hands need to be in line with the can, but not actually holding it, making it look absolutely tiny.


Lots of love
Sharky and George

For more information and party ideas/ adventure days:

George’s top 3 things in life:
1) Chocolate
2) Messing about in boats
3) Ants and Frogs