Tuesday, 19 February 2013


We are so excited about the arrival of our new little office addition…. Kanga is joining the R&R team in a month. I can’t wait!


Though, not sure what I’m letting myself in for with puppy and toddler potty training all  together. Have a feeling I’m never going to leave the house.

Lots of love

Ribbon and Roses xx

Monday, 4 February 2013

Pottering on, Pottered by Ribbon and Roses.

The dangers of the Internet.

I am a mum with a laptop. I’ve got to admit that as I’m at home with my son a lot of the time I spend a fair amount of the day with it on and open ready for action. I use it for music and watching TV and films and for Skype and for studying and for photos and for the calendar, and, and, and....deep breath. You see, it’s (sadly) a big part of my daily life. I am in danger of it devouring me completely and never letting go. Of course, the majority of laptop time is spent on the internet. I couldn’t even begin to list all the things that I look at, but when I have do a spare second and the kid’s asleep what I really love to do is to read blogs.  

Although I have been fairly slack at updating it recently I do have my own blog, Pottering On, which is mainly about interiors, so other interior blogs are my downfall (and by god there are a lot of them out there). It’s amazing how a “quick look” at one blog before cooking dinner or putting the washing on suddenly sucks an hour out of your life. I end up clicking through to the next blog, looking at that blog’s favourite blogs, reading another post on another one, linking through to someone’s Pinterest site, clicking back to another...Before long I have twenty windows open and panic rising in my chest that there isn’t enough time in the day. It’s a hobby that must be time-managed I fear. Perhaps someone could invent a timer you could set so once you’re at your browsing limit the thing snaps shut on your fingers? I realise I should really be out running, or baking or learning a language or something else to make better use of my time but I simply don’t care, I love it. (Plus, I’m studying for a diploma in Interior Design at the moment so I think it’s fair to say it counts as “research”).

So here we are, I thought I’d share with you 5 of my favourite blogs which are mainly lifestyle and interiors. Make yourself a cuppa when you next have 5 minutes, get comfy and have a bounce around the blogosphere.


I love, love, love this blog. It’s funny and clever and full of beautiful things. Jessica is an interior designer who also has an Etsy Shop I actually bought one of her prints of the lips (below) which will one day go in my dream house “home office”.


My absolute favourite right now. Even the title is genius. He is an interior designer who is, obviously, gay and he is SO funny with his posts, reading it makes me laugh out loud. Plus he has great taste. Win Win.


A lovely blog written by Kimberley. One of the few blogs that I always make time to read fully when it comes into my inbox. She writes about her house and her ongoing projects that she does on a budget. She has a great eye and is pretty crafty and weirdly I really like to know how she’s getting on. That’s the thing with blogs, they are so personal that you almost feel like you know the person. Recently she got her dream job as a lifestyle blogger and I was so happy for her! I know, weird.


Now this blog I have a love/hate relationship with. Written by Cherry Menlove (her actual name) it’s a little bit Cath Kidston cutesy about her life, husband, babies, lovely house and all the things she’s brilliant at doing (cooking, baking, making things, crafting). She has made a whole career out of it and has now got a book coming out. Ok, basically I’m jealous.


The lifestyle blog that lead on to Furbish Studio, an American shop selling furniture (new and vintage), homewares and accessories and other bits and bobs. It’s bold and bright, colourful and daring and the interiors they do from the design arm are delicious. The blog by the founder Jamie not only covers interiors but music and fashion pics, food, film, books...you name it, it’s there.


Now, I know I’m not here to big up R&R, if you’re on the site you are probably already a fan but I just have to say that I am a huge lover of all the products so thought I’d share the bits and bobs that I’ve been buying since it started...I think my loyalty card is in the post.

Green Drop Earrings

I bought these at an R&R house sale in Singapore when I had very good, pure intentions of just buying Xmas presents for others. These were a Christmas present (mission accomplished)...but for me (fail). 

Gold Leather thin Belt

I wore this beauty to death, literally. It has gone to belt heaven until it is re-incarnated into the blue version which I want next.

Blue Summer Maxi Dress

I have worn this dress to 2 weddings (different friends, that’s fine) and I have honestly never had so many complements on an outfit. It’s so different but really elegant and sooo comfy to wear. I haven’t dared try it on since having a baby.

Cableknit Cashmere arm warmers 

We bought these for my sister for Christmas last year and she loved them so much she didn’t want to wear them too much for fear of ruining them. Go figure. 

Pink and Black Scarf

Another thing I have worn way too much. I even bought a matching one of these for my best friend for Christmas a few years ago as I adore it so much. They are ideal for summer as they are so light - sadly my new life in cold Europe means it’s having a well deserved rest in the cupboard.

Warbeck and Cox Tea towel and Lavender Bag

One of each of these lovelies made it into my mother and my mother-in-laws stockings.

Blue Multi-stone drop necklace

Another gift, this time for my sister-in-law at Christmas last year. We had Christmas together again this year and she was of course still wearing it and professing her love.

Lots of love Georgia xx
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