Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Culinary offerings from a small island

I like food. A lot. So when I recently moved to Singapore it wasn't the sun or proximity to turquoise waters and white beaches that got me excited, it was all the different dishes, tastes and ingredients on offer. Eating is not only one of life's greatest pleasures, it's also Singapore's favourite pastime so no excuse for not getting stuck in.

Peranakan, Malay, Chinese, Eurasian, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Singaporean and Japanese cuisine all play a part in contributing to the melting pot of food cultures found here. Culinary delights aplenty, I've stumbled across some finger lickin' good local dishes which have taken poll position and deserve a special mention: creamy soupy laksa with prawns, famously found on the East Coast; popiah, crunchy vegetable bits rolled up in chewy rice skin (the Chinese version of a burrito); Peranakan Nonya rice dumplings wrapped tightly in banana leaves. And don't get me started on the dim sum.

Laksa with prawns
Nonya rice dumplings

Love Alice X

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Ribbon and Roses had a great week last week at Fort Canning Fair in Singapore with lots of regulars coming to pick up new pieces along with new customers. Thank you for all popping in!

Honeycombers snapped us in action!

Our stand before the madness started!

New scarfs and clothes at www.ribbonandroses.com

Postcards, cards, linen and necklaces at www.ribbonandroses.com

We have just launched our early Summer SALE so check out the website to spruce up your wardrobe!

Navy blouse with butterflies NOW £25 

Coral shift dress NOW £35

Lots of love

Ribbon and Roses xx

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wedge wishes

Wedges are like marmite... you either love them or hate them?!

Mostly loved by the girls while loathed by the boys! Guys just cannot seem to get their head around them, often left bamboozled to why one would choose to wear something that (quote from a male friend) ‘looks like an orthopedic shoe’!

I personally am wedge obsessed.

They are an essential cog to my summer wardrobe, which happens to be all year round living in Singapore, I never ever tire of them! When the combo of maximum height & comfort is needed they are my ‘go to shoe’ and are always the answer and come to my rescue for most occasions. I find myself constantly on wedge watch hoping to find an addition to join the army of stacks I have in my cupboard!

Take a look at the latest creations that have caught my eye & are heading to the top of my wish list!

Stripy stacks - www.charlotteolympia.com

Can’t go wrong… classic & simple  – www.charlotteolympia.com

The perfect nude - www.zara.com

Mui Mui gold sparkles… Just because! www.netaporter.com

Love Millie xxx
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