Monday, 27 February 2012

This caught my eye this morning...

I don't know about you, but I have boxes filled with spare buttons, pieces of thread and other bits and bobs that I store away in the vain hope that if I ever need to mend something, I'll have the necessary equipment to do so.  This almost never happens, so this seems like a much better way of keeping those miscellaneous goods at hand.  Definitely goes on this week's to-do list.

1.  Buy a business-card organiser from a stationery shop

2.  Add in buttons, threads, labels, perhaps even some needles and other sewing pieces and you will have everything at hand for any little clothing mishaps

And while you're in the stationery stop, pick up a couple of organisers or small photo albums - they are a great way to keep all your cards to hand for easy-reference or inspiration.  I keep small albums for restaurant cards - then when we're at a loss of where we would like to go for dinner, we just have a quick flick through.  And the contact number is there for quick reservation making!

Love  Abbey xxx

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Essie Essentials

Living in the tropics of Singapore, one perhaps might find ones self prone to the ‘occasional’ pedi! Well ok, ‘occasional’ possibly being a teeny bit of an understatement certainly for me anyway! I could even be pushed to go as far to say it has become a ritual for the feet and a vital one at that! The thought of a naked toe teamed with a peep toe is not a happy one!

My best however trickiest bit is the colour picking, I go with every intention to face Essie’s array of flavours with a totally open mind. Yet without fail I get bamboozled by the million and one shades and their completely genius names, ‘Chinchilly’… ‘Bahama mama’… of course never being brave enough to veer off piste and always sticking with my ‘go-to shade’ Watermelon!

Loving Essie’s latest Cocktail Bling collection. Its ready-made, pick’n’mix of chic options, leaves me no excuse but to break the creature of habit in me and make my way through each and every one… even my digits won’t know what’s hit them! 

Love Millie xxx
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Sunday, 12 February 2012


It’s that time of year again where you’re single friends hide (or hit the bottle together) and the married ones loath to go out for dinner on the 14th and sit squashed next to another couple, who spend their dinner listening to your conversation as no one ever seems to speak! Luckily the husband can't bare it as much as me and the last couple of years he has cooked supper at home for us (Same every year… steak, chips and salad… same every year the timings all go wrong, chips go in… steak fried, steak ready, chips still cold and raw… make salad, eat salad and steak… wait for chips… eat chips 45 mins later) don’t have the heart to explain about oven timings… and he seems to fail to remember that this “problem” of timings has happened 4 years on the trot. Either way with our long winded dinner, I love it and am very spoilt he’s tried.

Hand made R&R cards
Cards are not his strong point so I don’t expect one … the last card I received from him was for our wedding anniversary. It was a birthday card which he had crossed out Birthday and written over the top “anniversary”.  Apparently last year on the 14th Feb, the shop had sold out of EVERY valentines cards when he got there… Really… Pinocchio look at your nose! He will be getting one of the heart stitched pretty note cards from his secret admirer from Ribbon and Roses. Lucky boy! 

Just in case he’s reading (doubtful… very, very doubtful!) I would love one of these spinning love necklaces from Argent London. I’m thinking a tube of love hearts might be more his style… if at all! One can dream.

Spinning 'I Love You' pendant

Happy Valentines,
Lots of love Maz xx

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How can it already be February!

Terrifying, am I the only one who thinks everything is going so fast…. Or maybe it’s that I don’t have enough time to do anything!

So, hugely exciting, we have the new Ribbon and Roses collection here which is currently being photographed and will be added this month. Trixilini and A Mod have a preview, with pieces in store now if your inpatient.

With lots of star prints, fun for summer in kaftans tunics and blouses…. All you need to do now is get booking your holidays. The popular maxi dress, which has been a winner for R&R has been shortened which is perfect for weddings this year. Team with fun drop earrings, fascinator, cropped jacked and you’re set. You just need to now organise the wedding present, how to get there, RSVP etc…. All minor details when you have a cracking outfit sorted!

Hope you like it all,

Lots of love
Maz xx

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3 favourite things:
Archie (11 month old son) laughing
Dolly Parton