Sunday, 12 February 2012


It’s that time of year again where you’re single friends hide (or hit the bottle together) and the married ones loath to go out for dinner on the 14th and sit squashed next to another couple, who spend their dinner listening to your conversation as no one ever seems to speak! Luckily the husband can't bare it as much as me and the last couple of years he has cooked supper at home for us (Same every year… steak, chips and salad… same every year the timings all go wrong, chips go in… steak fried, steak ready, chips still cold and raw… make salad, eat salad and steak… wait for chips… eat chips 45 mins later) don’t have the heart to explain about oven timings… and he seems to fail to remember that this “problem” of timings has happened 4 years on the trot. Either way with our long winded dinner, I love it and am very spoilt he’s tried.

Hand made R&R cards
Cards are not his strong point so I don’t expect one … the last card I received from him was for our wedding anniversary. It was a birthday card which he had crossed out Birthday and written over the top “anniversary”.  Apparently last year on the 14th Feb, the shop had sold out of EVERY valentines cards when he got there… Really… Pinocchio look at your nose! He will be getting one of the heart stitched pretty note cards from his secret admirer from Ribbon and Roses. Lucky boy! 

Just in case he’s reading (doubtful… very, very doubtful!) I would love one of these spinning love necklaces from Argent London. I’m thinking a tube of love hearts might be more his style… if at all! One can dream.

Spinning 'I Love You' pendant

Happy Valentines,
Lots of love Maz xx

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