Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The busy girls from Honeycombers have been in touch.

Here's a little catch up with the Honeycombers team xx

For those who haven’t come across Honeycombers yet… please give a little summery of what you’re all about and what gave you the inspiration to set it up.

Honeycombers is an online lifestyle magazine for women in Singapore.  We created it 4.5 years ago because we felt there was a gap in the market.  There was no publication in Singapore that young women could relate to and trust as a go-to guide for shopping, nightlife, restaurants and things to do in Singapore.

What makes a positive constructive day in the life of Honeycombers?

We love uncovering great finds in Singapore and Bali (we just recently launched Honeycombers Bali).  The best bit about this job is finding new places, shops and experiences, and sharing them with our readers.

Best ever fashion purchase and why?

Tough question! This month I would have to say my Marc by Marc Jacobs florescent yellow handbag – it goes with everything and is so bright and cheerful!


Tell us your best beauty secret.

Easy. Dry Shampoo. With two kids, and working from home, I don’t get time to shampoo my hair as often as I would like.  Especially in this climate, Dry Shampoo gives you that fresh look in seconds!  Particularly if you have bangs.

 Clothing wise, what could you not live without?

Simple day dresses, perfect for meetings to running around with kids.

How do you reward yourself at the end of a busy day?

A big glass of wine and a debrief with my husband.

What is your Favourite (fashion)Online Shop?

I love vamastyle.com – the designer Kaitie has a great eye for colour and designs her range for our climate and lifestyle.  Closely followed by shopbop.com.

What’s your Guilty pleasure?

Wine & chocolate

Shoes or Bags?


How would you characterise your own fashion style? 

Casual, colourful and easy-wearing.

Do you shop on the high street, if so where

Right now I am loving Zara, their summer range is so bright and happy!  If you go in, check out their cute printed skirts and bright block coloured heels.

Tell us your top boutique/shop (fashion) secret you have discovered here in Singapore and why you love it.

I love Willow& Huxley – those girls have a great eye and they bring in some awesome labels from around the world.  I never walk out of the store with just one piece.
What would your ideal Saturday consist of? 

Sleep ins (a rarity in our house), followed by catching up with friends over lunch or dinner and an afternoon with the kids. 

What exciting updates and news do the Honeycombers team have in store this year?

We recently launched Honeycombers Bali, which has been a lot of fun.  In fact, I am typing this from a Villa in Bali which I am reviewing for the site, (take a look at @honeycombers on instagram and you can get a sneek peek).  Its jobs like theses that are really tough ; )

Next month we are launching Honeycombers Jakarta. There are some amazing things to do, see and shop in what is affectionately known as ‘ The Big Durian’, so I am really excited about this new edition and can’t wait for it to go live!

And finally what's the best bit of advice you’ve been given? 

Believe in yourself and follow your dream.  Oh, and don’t be afraid of hard work!  If you love what you do, it won’t feel like work.

Lots of love
Chris, Honeycombers xx

Chris’s three top things:

My little family

Holidaying with friends 

A good Sav Blanc







Sunday, 18 August 2013


My 'work station' is crucial. Inspiring and pretty things all help to get me into the working zone.
I work from home with my office for all to see upon walking into our house, which makes me super particular on the fixtures and fittings that make up my working haven! Not to mention the forever over flowing in tray that is always outta-control!

The office chair has always been a tricky one. I have to admit stubbornness got the better of me, sticking with my trusty linen covered dining room chair being the perfect friend for my mother of pearl inlay desk. Until the back ache complaints really kicked in, getting even more of a regular annoyance particularly highlighted now nearly 6 months pregnant! So action had to be taken and my search for the perfect office chair begun…..

 The idea of an unattractive, techie looking chair, with all singing all dancing features did not do it for me and seemed to cost the earth.

FRED LIVES HERE then came into my life. Set up by a friend here in Singapore, Angie finds quality reproductions of modern-classic furniture and sells them as the already cool pieces they are, or further modernises them into something quite extraordinary. Each item is a one-of-a kind piece, totally customised to your requirements, whether by choosing from a selection of awesome fabrics or choosing a particular artist to create an amazing bespoke work of art.
The Exectutive Chair was the anwers to all my prays! Classic, chic & comfortable and would more than look the part to complete the 'work station'. 
Instantly the Aqua cotton/Linen fabric jumped out at me and I was sold, there was no looking back. Once ordered it was super speedy & here in a couple of weeks.

Awesome Aqua Executive Chair

A match made in heaven!
It even gets the Chilli approval!
Look no further FRED is the answer to cool customised furniture. http://www.fredliveshere.com
Millie's Profile:
 3 favourite things
1. My wirey daxi Chilli
2. Macaroons
3. Holidays