Monday, 20 February 2012

Essie Essentials

Living in the tropics of Singapore, one perhaps might find ones self prone to the ‘occasional’ pedi! Well ok, ‘occasional’ possibly being a teeny bit of an understatement certainly for me anyway! I could even be pushed to go as far to say it has become a ritual for the feet and a vital one at that! The thought of a naked toe teamed with a peep toe is not a happy one!

My best however trickiest bit is the colour picking, I go with every intention to face Essie’s array of flavours with a totally open mind. Yet without fail I get bamboozled by the million and one shades and their completely genius names, ‘Chinchilly’… ‘Bahama mama’… of course never being brave enough to veer off piste and always sticking with my ‘go-to shade’ Watermelon!

Loving Essie’s latest Cocktail Bling collection. Its ready-made, pick’n’mix of chic options, leaves me no excuse but to break the creature of habit in me and make my way through each and every one… even my digits won’t know what’s hit them! 

Love Millie xxx
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