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Sharky & George Summer Holiday Ideas

Hooray! It’s the summer holidays with long balmy days of sunshine, and endless days to fill with pure fun and games for the entire family.   We organize 1000s of really active and exciting parties for all ages, inside and outside, so have put together a few fun ideas of stuff to get up to during the summer holidays.  If you need any more inspiration, our book Don’t You Dare is stuffed with beach games, woodland games, stuff to do at home with a couple of mates and lots of pranks and stickers!

Hippo Hot Potato
A bit like piggy in the middle and hot potato, but with more chance of getting splashed!
Fill some water balloons with water.
Make a circle and choose one person to be ‘hippo’ for the 1st round.
Hippo stands in the middle of the circle.
A person in the circle takes a water balloon and throws it to someone else in the circle.
You’re not allowed to hold the water balloon for more than 1 second.
Hippo tries to smash the balloon whilst it’s in the air.
If Hippo succeeds then the thrower of the balloon becomes Hippo, also if someone drops the balloon, then they become Hippo. 

Blackcurrant  Hand Lollies
You will need:
-A few plastic disposable gloves, which you can get from the dispensers at a petrol station, just near the pumps
-Large lollipop sticks, or small wooden spoons
-Ribena, squash or fruit juice
-Strong elastic bands

Half fill the glove with your chosen juice, then put the stick or wooden spoon into the glove all the way to the end of one of the fingers.
Close up the wrist of the glove round the stick with an elastic band really tightly.  Then carefully put the glove into your freezer.  After about 4 hours it’ll be ready to eat….yum yum!

Make a Treasure Map
You will need:
-A can of coke
-A deep baking tray
-A piece of paper
-A black pen
-Some treasure (pack of sweets, chocolate money or if possible a huge pirate chest full of gold?!)

Pour the coke into the baking tray and put the paper into it.  Leave it to soak for about 5 minutes. 
Take the coke soaked paper out and lay it on a draining board to dry over night.
While the map paper is drying find somewhere in your house or even better your garden to hide the treasure (ideally bury it).
The next day, do your best to draw a treasure map on the stained piece of paper of your house or garden, and mark with an ‘x’ where you hid the treasure.

Then scroll up the map and give it to a member of your family and challenge them to try to find the treasure.  Whatever you do, don’t give them any help!  If they don’t find it, the treasure is all yours, if they do, then you can share it with them and ask them to do the same for you.

Towel race
This is a great game to play on a hot day on the beach.
You will need 4 towels.

First you should split your family into two teams and mark out a course i.e. starting at your mums purse and ending at an ice cream van. Both of the teams need to start on one towel behind the start line with another towel in front of them. Once they hear the word ‘GO’ they all have to jump on to the towel in front of them without touching the sand. Then they need to pass the first towel forwards and put it down in front of them. And so on till they reach the ice creams! 

Mystery Mouldy Modeling
You will need:
-Modeling clay or playdough
-A timer or stopwatch
-Paper and a pen
-A pot or a hat

First you should get an adult to write down lots of objects on bits of paper, crumple them up and put them in a hat or pot. The first person takes a random piece of paper from the hat. They can’t show anyone else what is written on it. That person is then given 60 seconds to build it as well as they can from clay. Everyone else has to try and guess what the object is. If someone succeeds in guessing what the object is they become the sculptor, if no one can guess, then the same person has to take another piece of paper and try again.

Fruity pants
You will need:
-About 20 pieces of fruit or veg
-2 blindfolds

You will need to give 2 people the role of being hunters and blindfold them. After this you should cover the floor with fruit and veg. Next you, you give them sixty seconds to crawl around on the floor and find as much fruit as possible. When they find it they can try to carry it but will find they’ll hold onto more if they stash it in their trousers! Once the time is up the fruit is counted and the person with the most fruit wins.


If you bored of taking endless photos of your family and buildings you should try this out. Use perspective to take trick photos, start by putting something small like a can of coke on a table.  Then take a photo with someone standing close to the camera ‘holding’ the can.  Basically their hands need to be in line with the can, but not actually holding it, making it look absolutely tiny.


Lots of love
Sharky and George

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George’s top 3 things in life:
1) Chocolate
2) Messing about in boats
3) Ants and Frogs

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