Sunday, 15 June 2014

Juicing Is The New ‘Black’

It’s that time of year again when everything is looking lusciously green, the end of spring is in full bloom and summer is well on it’s way. As you may have read recently, one thing that seems to be the talk of the town…and that is juicing. I am now an official convert; I cannot start my day with a kick of juicy goodness.

 The Green Goddess:
1 x apple
1 x pear
1 x stick of celery
¼ of a cucumber
½ lime
1 nugget of ginger (I tend to throw this in for good measure)!

All you need to do is throw it all into your juicer. There is no hassle of peeling or chopping. Even the lime zest is good for you believe it or not!

Best Served: on an empty stomach, in a wine glass over ice and consumed 30 minutes before that yoga session you promised yourself…or not.

Did You Know? Limes are a great source of vitamin C and were used by British sailors as a way of preventing scurvy in 1800. Their essence is also used in perfumes, cleaning products and aromatherapy.

One key thing to ensure your getting a glass of fresh fruit sugar is to include vegetables into your juice too. The thought of eating spinach first thing in the morning, may not sound appealing, but is easily disguised when combined with fruit.
Not only are juices full of vitamins, minerals and anti-toxins, but they are fantastic for fighting all sorts of diseases and illnesses such as hay-fever, asthma, eczema and the list goes on.
To find out more, you must read Jason Vale’s, The Funky Fresh Juice Book; available on Amazon for $30, which has a huge range of juice recipes and of course invest in a juicer. A good juicer can range anywhere from $75 +. Go on, try it.
Katie’s top 3 things in life:
- A chilled glass of white wine on a Friday night after a hellish week
-  Being reduce to tears by laughing so much with friends
- A lazy Saturday morning lie-in




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