Tuesday, 24 March 2015


In most days, I wish one day consists of more minutes than 1,440 minutes. It takes a lot of scheduling, multi-tasking and prayers to get through a day.

As my phone alarm beeps at a strike of 6:00 AM, the room is still dark and the moon’s silhouette is still faintly visible from the horizon, I step my bare feet on our wooden floor ready to start my day. I say a little prayer of morning offering. After a quick warm shower, I would wear my work clothes in  hurry and head to the kitchen to boil water. I often drink warm water with squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning to detox, acidify my system and hopefully help with weightloss & clear skin. I would quickly put on my makeup, hoping not to wake my 8-month old baby. He is now in his “I-want-only-mommy” stage. He would cry and shout if I would be out of his sight. This often makes me late for work but I can never refuse my little one for a hug. His adorable cry of plea often would make me want to crawl back in bed with him & my husband and sleep again. Once I had pacifed him temporarily, I would kiss my two handsome men and head to work.

I have a few minutes walk and  three-bus stop away from the clinic I am working as medical doctor. I would use the walking time to check the blogs I follow in Bloglovin app.

Once in my clinic, I start my work by pouring my hot water I brought (which is still very hot) from my trusty raspberry-colored Klean Kanteen Insulated container to a ready mug on my desk. I would pour next the content of a 3-in-1 coffee sachet in to the mug. With caffeine in my veins, I am ready to start my busy day. 

Lunch is one hour by 1PM either used to grab a quick ‘tapao’ lunch at a nearby hawker center or keepin lunch all together for some need-to-be done papers works  or  attending lunch lectures. Then back to work at 2PM until 5PM. After work, I would either drop by the nearby grocery store for needed ingredients for dinner. Walking back home, I would either edit photos for my blog or write in text for my next blog posts or answer emails.  When I get home, I would have some bonding time with my little one. Then I would make some last-minute proofreading of my blog post scheduled to be posted for that day then I would hit PUBLISH. I would share it all across my social media accounts. 

After that was done, I would try to squeeze ina 30minutes cardio work-out or yoga. Then it is time to cook for dinner while my baby is walking around his stroller in the kitchen. By 9:30PM, my hubby would arrived from work and we could chat for awhile of our days before we have our dinner. I would bathe my baby by 10:30 PM and put him to sleep. I would prepare my stuff for the next day and make my to-do list for the next day.

It can be challenging to be a doctor, a blogger, a mom,  a wife in  fast-paced city like Singapore. But we try to do what we can with a little help, prayers and a good planner notebook.    

For more exciting things that I do when I am not on my daily grind, head on to my blog, www.littlemisshoney.com. I promise you, I do exciting things too.

Lots of love
Little Miss Honey xx

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