Sunday, 13 December 2015

White Pomegranate

We LOVE White Pomegranate at Ribbon and Roses! It was set up by a great friend Dimple and her designs are all so pretty and the process to get there is amazing.

Dimple: I have always come from the belief that you have to do what you love and then life will be on your side. That’s how White Pomegranate started. It was a vision I had, a definite passion for textile, for design, for drawing, for researching, for exploring but I had still had to understand how to put it all together, how to make a beginning considering I did fine art and not textiles!

So, I packed up my bags after 15 years of living in England and returned to Textile heaven and my home – INDIA!
I worked with people who inspired my journey to explore the different craft methods of India for a few years and working with the artisans is the most satisfying deed of the day. Craft, speaks volumes of the countries “Culture”.  

And we are seeing it’s disappearance in many places, which is heartbreaking but on the plus side, there is a lot of activity happening to keep it alive by diverse groups of people / designers and organizations.

Of course our Indian fashion keeps some of our craft going but what more?

I decided that it would be nice to introduce these crafts into Home furnishings (cushions / bedspread / curtain fabric and upholstery fabric), with the difference being, White Pomegranate supports these crafts through innovation of design. It’s been a year since launch and we are already starting to sell in the UK!

It’s not just a business you see, it’s a passion for design, for working with craft, with craftsmen, taking to them about their families, their lives, their skill!

We do hand screen-printing / hand blocking printing / hand woven ikats on order / hand embroidery for now. This area is vast and I know I will not ever get bored as there is still so much to discover and learn!

Here are some images we hope will inspire you too!

Lots of love
Dimple x
Top 3 things in life:

My family (mum, dad, bro, husband and doggies – 4 of them)
My work
My home / garden & organic vegetable patch which gives me a lot of peace!

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