Thursday, 15 March 2012

British Cupcakes!

I know in past blogs I have mentioned how time seems to pass me by, maybe it’s since motherhood started and I’m always on a catch up to grab any Zzzz’s as I can find! Archie is 1, a terrifying thought but we made it!

We hosted the all important first birthday with his friends. It’s a complete mind field baby parties unless you have been to lots, which I had obviously managed to avoid till now. What to give them, the prized contents of the Party bag… how many balloons etc.

I remember parties when I was little with mummy floating around in a pretty dress looking so calm and collected with Smartie Artie entertaining us all…. I wonder if he’s still around. (He must be about 100) I just wish I looked so together on Saturday, with 98% humidity it was all game over really on the hair front and basically give up from there onwards as cake and icing was smeared all over the new Ribbon and Roses tunic.

Archie loved it, not that he could tell if it was Monday, Easter or his 1st birthday and the first taste of cake was priceless.  As always Annabel Karmel came up trumps on the food front, though I wish Hats and Bells children's party caterers were in Singapore rather than London - could have saved a lot of stress! And I do hope the sugar high kids got to their lunchtime naps before the melt down started.

Lots of love
Maz xx

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