Monday, 5 March 2012

Pretty please….

I hate admin, there’s no hiding from it. Everyone has to do it but it’s too boring/time consuming and it's always last on my “to do list” or I leave it till the last possible moment before we get stung for late charges.

I’m thinking of investing in these vintage floral inspired leaver arch folders to make the process less painful (well any excuse really…) I guess if you have to do the most mundane of jobs and file it away, at least it’s pretty to look at. Pretty on the outside and no doubt ugly bills on the inside. Also those horrid blue leaver arch folders remind me of those dreaded school exams. Who wants to be reminded of those days!

I love liberty and anything floral. I have lots of note books, post cards stuck to my pin board for inspiration and my husband gave me a sweet Liberty print fabric knot watch for Christmas which I really enjoy wearing. The liberty vintage inspired tunics have been getting the thumbs up from everyone so I’m obviously not alone!

I wonder if I can take this obsession to the walls…Don’t get me wrong I love sharp lines, beige’s and whites but am longing to fill our bedroom wall with an amazing floral print wallpaper. But will it work with our 98% humidity out here in Singapore… it would be too depressing to watch the corners start to peel away.

Lots of love
Maz xx

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