Wednesday, 8 August 2012

High five to the Honeycombers...

We are loving the Honeycombers shout out about our Ribbon and Roses parties, thanks guys!...

All ready to go at a Ribbon and Roses Evening!
Imagine this: bubbly, 10 of your best girl friends at a girls' night in, the usual cheeky catching up, and shopping. Oh, and did we mention - a $150 shopping voucher for you to spend.

Think this sounds like a great idea? We thought so too.

Online shopping site Ribbon and Roses is not only expanding offline (they've already got some rad stockists), they're now coming straight to your doorstep. Plus - everything is beyond easy to organize.

What you do:
Round up the troops! Pick a date, time, and venue and tell the Ribbon and Roses team the deets. Whether you want to host a coffee morning or a cocktail night, they'll be there and ready to roll.

What they do:
They send out at e-invite to you, which you then send to your friends. That way everyone gets to see what R&R have on offer and can also request certain pieces. On the day of your party, then turn up with a rail of clothes, jewellery and accessories to set up an hour before your event starts.

What everyone gets:
Helloo, shopping and schmoozing with the girls? That can't be beat! Throw in a wardrobe update, jewellery on tap, and great new bags to tote your new wares in and we guarantee everyone will be a happy camper. Hosts also get a $150 to spend on the day itself for a little extra bonus.

Another successful Ribbon and Roses Evening
Happy shoppers!
For more information, contact the Ribbon and Roses team at or give them a buzz at 8128 8176 8128 8176. Go forth and be stylish, girls!

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