Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What's going on with the Ribbon and Roses team....

Here's a little insight into the Ribbon and Roses office.

We are listening to:
On Spotify - Matchbox 20 – She’s So Mean. These guys remind us of school, bring on their come back!

Grand Prix fever! We can't wait for the Singapore streets to be changed into a race track and the amazing atmosphere the whole weekend. Also with Maroon 5 and Katy Perry playing, what more could you ask for?

Cafe Melba at 90 Goodman Road next to Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore. Amazing food and great atmosphere. They don't take reservations so worth getting there in good time!

Bubble Tea!  We like milk tea or lychee red tea - both with pearls, of course!

Country Fair and Horse Show- If you are missing the typical English country fair, head on down to this on 9 September.

Suits - great new US TV series based in a law firm. Some serious eye candy in this too!

House and Garden on my ipad - best feature as its about 3 times the price out here.
Daily Mail online - A morning must with a cup of tea!

Lusting and wishing for:
Celine Hangbag - Come to mumma pretty one...

Waiting for:
Downton Abbey Series 3 starting in September on ITV!

Blogs we like:
Chamgmoh - full of secret tips of what to do and where to go in Singapore. Lucky she posts regularly so my 'to do' list just gets longer and longer.

Websites were into:
Honeycombers - can't get enough of this, a fountain of information about Singapore!

What do you do when you are bored:
Pinterest - this keeps us awake at night, too much to fun!
Lots of Love

Ribbon and Roses xx

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