Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Reimagining of Pretty Things…

I love the relationships we make (Admittedly not always face to face, but through the keyboard!) of Ribbon and Roses customers all around the world. Here is one of our more creative, loyal ones! xx

I completely adore Ribbon & Roses and have purchased many items, often the same item in different colours. My sense of style is very much about pairing the feminine and sweet, such as a pretty blouse, with more uniform and robust wardrobe staples, such as long cargo shorts or a favourite pair of jeans.

Having purchased both a navy and a white butterfly blouse, I decided that I would love one in a lovely shade of pastel blue. I bought another in white and set about dying it to my desired colour. The pictures show how wonderful my little project turned out. The embroidery on the blouse has kept its light, while the fabric itself took the dye bath beautifully. The contrast really enhances this beautiful blouse.


I also love the soft cotton embroidered blouse and tunic dress. Unfortunately the dress is a little short for me and my liking so I set about lengthening it to tea dress length. Using a second dress, I added to the hemline of the first. I even made a beautiful soft belt to cinch in the waist. This was achieved using some of the chiffon-like interior slip of the dress itself.

Not to waste any remaining material from dress number two, I turned this into another blouse as can be seen in the photos. For something a little different, I dyed it china blue. Of course I already have this blouse in white!

A little tinker here, a small adjustment there, a little thinking outside the box and my lovely Ribbon & Roses wardrobe includes a few extra special exclusive items designed by me!

Lots of Love


Melinda’s top 3 things in life would be,  (in no particular order)

 My beautiful boys. They keep me young and we have so much fun together.

 The three "Fs" : Family, friends and faith.
Next would be taking the time to smell the roses. Such a difficult thing to find the time to just be still in this hectic world.


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