Sunday, 5 May 2013

Visiting India

We love customer feedback and after an amazing sounding trip to India, Lydia put pen to paper for us!
Last month my husband and I travelled to India to visit friends and complete the Golden Triangle circuit through Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.  Excited as I was, it quickly became clear that my Singapore wardrobe of shorts, sundresses and tank tops wouldn’t fit the bill for the more conservative dress in northern India. After a frustrating day on Orchard Road left me void of any appropriate clothing, I happily recalled a Ribbon and Roses event I attended last year and immediately jumped on the website. One visit to Marina a few days later and I was set!

All of the items that Marina helped me choose were not only perfect for India, but also beautifully made and versatile enough for almost any climate. Paired with jeans, shorts, leggings and cardigans, I look forward to wearing them on trips home to the US as well as on future holidays in SE Asia.


One unexpected but fun anecdote from the trip was that my friend in India quickly fell in love with my Ribbon and Roses items. When I returned to Singapore, Marina very kindly helped replicate my previous shopping trip, which I boxed up and sent to India. My friend (who has since received the box) is relishing her new items, and we both enjoy the thought of our shared wardrobe being worn in such different parts of the world!


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