Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tab it

So I’m not going to lie… this isn’t one of our most ground braking blogs but I keep being asked how I keep jewellery from tarnishing. Ribbon and Roses or other. We live here in Singapore in 98% humidity, which is 100% a bad hair day daily along with the pain that everything tarnishing or going damp.

I have found a solution… thanks to my fellow jewellery pal.

Jewellery tabs…. You can find them all over from E bay to Amazon but in Singapore they are sold in Beads etc, Orchard Central. Tel: 67346136.

Pop one of these tabs inside your jewellery box, or give your tarnished goods a good Aladdin rub and they should shine like new!

We are going to be putting them from now on in our jewellery bags.

Lots of love

Ribbon and Roses xx

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