Sunday, 6 October 2013

What’s in My Bag – Emily Cheetham, Designer, Cheet London tells us all.

Being female, I am prone to the common malaise of having too much in your handbag.  However, as my (many!) bags are pretty much in constant rotation, I’ve also worked out how to shift from one bag to another in quick time – and generally its just a bit of loose change or a hairclip that are the casualties stranded in the previous bag.  Using different bags is really important as it means I can road-test new designs to see if they function right - which is of equal importance to them just looking pretty.  


Bag - I’m using our Fitzgerald satchel bag in cobalt blue at the moment – the calf leather is so soft it really moulds to your body and I love this bright blue pop it brings to any outfit.  It’s concertina shape with multiple pockets meaning I can easily find ‘stuff’ and its long strap means I’m hands-free to carry my six-month old baby!  It’s a great bag to use to advertise my brand as it has one of my signature hand-worked knots on the front which grab people’s attention – I’ve also attached one of the Bunty giant tassels, something to both make it look cute and also for my daughter to fiddle with!


Inside you will find:

Wallets & Purses – my regular wallet (Eros wallet) is a zip around purse in a washed bright cherry red colour and will fit a ton of cards, cash, receipts, coins – even a passport.  I also carry a second smaller purse, the Bunty in yellow ostrich – I often take this out on it’s own as it will fit your phone, a card, cash, even car keys if you’re off to the pool or park.  As you never know who you are going to meet, I carry a snakeskin business card holder– it's a sample of something I’m working on for next season.


Make up – inside the centre pocket I will stash a few bits of make up.  I really like a lip balm I bought in England last month.  It’s just a Boots No 7 but it helps prevent and disguise the dark lines you can get on your lips from too much sun.  An eyeliner and mascara from Edward Bess – its from New York and is hypo-allergenic as I seem to have sensitive eyes.  A travel size bottle of Jo Malone perfume – it’s so hot here its nice to have a refreshing squirt if it all gets too steamy – all crammed into a teeny Cath Kidston make up bag that detaches from a roll-up wash bag my MIL gave me for Xmas!


Sunglasses – you can’t go anywhere without sunglasses…I got these ones from a fellow exhibitor in Paris, they are brilliant and amazingly don’t seem to scratch despite me throwing them around the place. 

Baby wipes, plasters and a rattle – we have a six month old baby and a 3 year old son.  I’m normally travelling with a separate nappy bag for Elyse but always have a rattle or something in my bag for her too.  Rufus, my son, is a keen cycler and scooter, seems to get many a bump and scrape (an “ouchy ouchy”) so a few Mr. Men plasters and some wet wipes are on hand too.

Phone – my phone screen is totally cracked but until it stops working I’m hanging onto it! Phones are so much more than phones now – mini computers, cameras etc I would be lost without a smart-phone.

Notebook – never without something to scribble down a thought, sketch, exhibition to note or anything useful. I am using a zebra pony skin pad from Papuro. 
For all Cheet London bags and accessories, visit Cheet will be at the Under One Roof sale on Pender Road, Singapore next Tuesday and Wednesday.  See flyer below.


Emily’s top three things in life:

1) Unconditional love from my children and husband

2) The satisfaction from realising a creative urge - be that a new design or making a tarte aux citrons from scratch

3) A large flat white (current favourite from Dutch Colony Coffee Co, Parsabella)


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