Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A different type of thank you....

I am a total stickler for a thank you... it doesn’t matter if it's thanking for a relaxed dinner at their home or for a full blown wedding. Either way, someone has put the effort in.

Here are a few different ways to say Ta....
I sent my Godson a thank you after this summer from Archie as he was parading around in his old clothes, which fitted him perfectly.... never one to turn my nose up at "hand-me downs".
I sent a box of pop cakes which arrived and lets face it, he enjoyed a lot more than a card! The little cakes are from Pop Bakery and are like mini lollies, only a lot more calories and fun.

You can select which design you want delivered on a stick (penguins and pepa pig for him knowing they're a firm favorite) and with a speedy 3 day delivery he had a sugar high for about a week, much to his mothers disappointment! The only drawback is just make sure someone's at home to sign for them.

What's not to love with a red London telephone box and soldiers arriving in a decorated UK tin box
A friend send me these (to remind me not to stay in Singapore too long and to come back soon) which are a yummy selection of biscuits, the perfect twist on an English tea party in Singapore. All that was needed was a PG tips and friend from the UK to join me.

For a more traditional thank you, and everyone loves receiving a card, how about the new stitched greetings cards from Ribbon and Roses. We also have fun Pink Flamingo postcards which are a popular stocking filler!

Lots of love

Maz xx

3 best things:

Archie (8 month old son) laughing
Dolly Parton

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