Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Is it wrong that I did all my Christmas shopping in October?

Well I’ve only been in Singapore for 2 and a half months and I’m already dreaming about cold weather, wooly jumpers and snow. The best time for all of these is Christmas...so these thoughts led me to start, and now finish, my Christmas shopping.

The plus side of starting so early is that I’ll not be rushing around like a headless chicken on the 24th December getting stuck in the traffic of last minute shoppers. The down side is that I spend the next 6 weeks finding more and more things that I want to give people, and therefore return to the UK with only room for a toothbrush in my suitcase!

With the large amount of women in my family, nearly all of my shopping was done in the space of 30 minutes on the Ribbon and Roses website. Though, to be really honest, it was a case of one present for them, one present for me, one for them, one for me…..oops!

My favourite buy was the Quartz and gold earrings, I ended up buying 4 pairs. With a range of colours I went for Olive quartz for the brunettes, the pale pink pair for the blonds in the family. Done.

It was stocking fillers galore on Ribbon and Roses Homeware and Gifts section. Straight away I had 5 tea towels in my basket. I figured by giving one to my boyfriend was a guilt free way of giving one to myself, brilliant. If I have any left over they are perfect for the present drawer. Lavender bags, socks bags and postcards shortly followed…

Time now to sit back and recover from my shopping frenzy, and probably spend the next month smugly asking people if they have done their Christmas shopping yet!

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