Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Dog’s Best Friend

After a tiring day of sleeping, pretending to listen to Mrs H, and playing with Pheasy I had a lie down, and thought about what 2011 has brought me. A new home, new owners and a brilliant new friend…

Chopsticks, what would I do without you. Always there to play with, have sleep overs and to chat to. Most Sundays we love catching up after a good spin  up the Beach and finishing with an ice cold bowl at the Tanjong Beach Club while the old soaks have another Bloody Mary. 

Tanjong Beach Club

He’s my work out buddie too. We often also go to West Coast Park as there is so much space and loads to do.  The Big C and I stay fit by racing each other, I usually let him win so not to dent his pride seeing my legs are a quarter the size of his, but speedy as a whippet!

Collars and Cuffs dog collar
For Christmas and to say thanks for being my best bud, I’m going to get him a Collars and Cuffs collar to match mine. It certainly attracts the bitches and makes noses turn on Orchard Road, or maybe that’s just my dachshund swagger!

To quote Will Ferrell in Old School – ‘Choppies, you’re my boy!’

Right, now time to go and sniff out that old sock behind the sofa again…

Love Chilli

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